I’m From “Appalatchia”, By God! Not Appala-lache-ia!

Hello again Gentle Readers–Ain’t I polite?┬áDon’t you believe everything you hear on CNN, MSNBC, FOX or many local news channels! There is no “long-A” sound in Appalachia! Now it may take you decades of in-breeding to pronounce this correctly! I’m going to save you all that time. There’s no “long-A” sound in Appalachia! You got it?

My people have been isolated in these hills for more than 2 1/2 centuries. My Mom (Hi Mom) is a member of the DAR. There’s no “long-A” sound in Appalachia. I done been ta’ skool! I ‘kin rite mi name and do simple ciphers! There’s no “long-A” sound in Appalachia!! Believe me…I’ve been in 3 counties. There ain’t no “long-A” sound in Appalachia.

I done been ta’ Charleston WV, seed that there Capitol Dome and ‘et ina’ great ole’ big KFC. It was a Sunday! We always get us sum chiki’n on Sundays! There ain’t no “long-A” sound in Appalachia. I dun gitted on this here internet and there ain’t no “long-A” sound in Appalachia. Seriously—-THERE AIN’T NO “LONG-A” SOUND IN APPALACHIA. I seed Billy Ray Cyrus on that there History Channel. He didn’t use a “long-A” sound in 2 hours! There’s no “long-A’ sound in Appalachia.. Thank ya’ tomvickers@suddenlink.net