Hello Gentle Reader–Cold here today. I’m indoors watching CNN Headline News. I prefer their “info-babes” to regular CNN’s. On the western shore of Japan lies the small fishing village of Obama, Japan. They’re known for making custom chopsticks. Not those cheesy wooden things you get at Beni-Hana’s. They always keep the good ones in Japan, I guess. They have endorsed Barack Obama. You go Barack. They have created a Fishburger and a Sweetcake in his honor. The sweetcake had his image burned into it. I don’t know if Captain D’s, Long John Silvers’ or Li’l Debby will follow suit in endorsing Obama. This is pretty cool. Usually Japan only endorses American baseball and music. How many delegates does Obama, Japan have? Not as many as Tokyo, I bet. This is what happens when you’re holding some much of America’s National Debt. Any Super-Delegates? Hillary better get out an Atlas and look for a “Hillary”, Somewhere! However, make sure that the citizens are willing to spell out Hillary to the tune of YMCA. They did in this Obama Japan!!   

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