YA’ WANT THAT IN A BOWEL HON’ (Chili in a Boot and a side of Jonah)

tom-5.jpg  Hello Gentle Readers (you are gentle aren’t you?)–Jist’ gitted mi-self  back from a restaurant (Hardings Country Kitchen). I live in rural West Virginia. I was aborn and araised-up here til’ I headed on down I-77 (Hillbilly Highway) to Charlotte, NC. Hit’s a-took sum time ta’ git used ta’ bein’ back here (I’m a praktising my native tung agin’). We’uns took arselves to a sit-on-down dinner a bit ago and I gitted miself a peace-a-fish, sum fride apples, hash ’em on down taters and a slab o’ cornbread. That there waitin’ gal brung me mi fish and hit wuldn’t fit itself on that there little ole’ table. I said, “Hun does that thar whale cum with a side a Jonah”? She didn’t quite re-collect ’til she looked hit up on that thar menu and real serious like said, “That thar Jonah his extree in yur cost”. I said I a-reckoned I culd do without tuday seein’ as how that thar cornbread needed hit’s own little Zip Code. The lady behind me ordered up here own self sum Chili. That thar waitin’ lady said ya’ want that in a bowel, Hon’? I turned miself rite on around and said “Put it ina’ boot”.   tomvickers@suddenlink.net

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