USES FOR DUCT TAPE (A Sticky Situition)

tom-5.jpg HELLO GENTLE READER—I swear to the following. These are non-obvious uses for Duct Tape I have either witnessed or trust the source: Fix a Convertable Top, Close small cuts, Tape an alligator’s mouth shut, save a suicide victim by closing up slit wrists (sad but true), Fix an old tennis shoe, Hold a refrigerator door shut, Close a full casserole dish until the picnic started, Tape a wandering dog to the doghouse (wasn’t me), Lock a door, Lock a window (same address), Use as a tie Tack (I swear), Hold an Airplane wing on (any landing you walk away from), Fix a leaky fishbowl, Fix a frying pan (didn’t work), Stop a leaky roof (still working) and Tape a hat on during a windstorm. Please let me know of any others!

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