TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS (Bring ‘Em Back Home Again)

tom-5.jpg¬†HELLO GENTLE READER—I jist got miself back heer to WV. I dun been down ta’ NC fer more than 2 decades and hit waz time ta’ cum home. I luv these here hills. I luv these here people. I had me sum good friends down them parts, but, hit waz time ta’ git miself back home. This waz wher i dun been ta’ skool and larned to rite mi name and do some symple ciphers. I live ’round-about Elkview (ain’t been no Elk here in 90 years). We ‘et ’em all afore that that there furiegn war over inta’ France. My grampa Del and unkle Callie waz “Over There”. They waz rite good shots with any ‘ole kinda gun so they sent’em up on ta’ the front. They’s been more hillbillies killed per capitol than any other group in ever war ever fit since that “Over There” thing. I shure wuld like ta’ see ‘arn boys and gals get ’em ownselves back from them Middle East and Western Asian cuntries. I ain’t too politikle but we is already a losin’ population ’round here. Ya’ll vote reel careful now, will ya’?¬† tomvickers@suddenlink.net

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