How Do YA’ Get A HILLBILLY TA’ Take A Bath?

tom-5.jpg HELLO GENTLE READERS–First off let me present my Bonafides; I am a Hillbilly born and inbred. Everybody is so sensative these days, so, please don’t get offended. How do ya’ll get a Hillbilly ta’ take a bath? Add 2 gallons of moonshine to a #4 washtub and flip the calender to Saturday. It’s not true that Hillbillies go to just family reunions to pick up women-We also go to funerals! A virgin is not necessarily the fastest female runner in the household-bobbing and weaving is just as important. What do ya’ call a full set of teeth in WV–12 women. A very odd fact-West Virginia has more lawyers per capita than any other state! So if you decide to sue me over mis-representing my sense of humor….Beware…I collect these things so if you know any, please comment  

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