Co-Dependent Letters – Alphabet Soup (and the vowels that love it!)


Ya’ know some letters need therapy.  We have a particular concern with the letter “H.”  Although found alone on occasion, “H” has a dependency on other letters, and is often found in their company (at bars, ballgames, in books, blogs and magazines):  W, G, S, T, P, R and C.  Also seeking the company of other letters are: “Q” (completely dependent on U – sad, really). ” K”, (I think K actually is not only dependent on C, but in fact steals it’s sound).  On the other hand, “silent G’s” have their own issues, which we will not get into at this time. 

Is it time for an editorial intervention?  Is there a twelve step program available (or since K is the thirteenth letter, is it even eligible for the twelve step program?) 

“Hi.  My name is H and I’m a co-dependent.”  “Hi H”   

PS – what is up with Q? – Taking jobs KW could easily handle.  Is this another government job program?

Tom and LaVerna Vickers 

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