It used to be said that the insane were closer to God than the rest of us. Maybe so! I know that your family, like mine, has experienced the horror of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We’re living longer, eating God knows what chemicals, breathing air you could snort through a dollar bill and dashing through life like the final turn at “Indy”! I am not a doctor or research scientist so I haven’t a clue what causes it, but, these things can’t help!  Once you’ve had a turn at caring for somebody with Dementia, you can’t help but develop a “black” humor about it. You have no choice if your going to preserve your own sanity.

I remember my Uncle Callie (James Calvary Vickers). The most gentle soul you’ve ever met. He was the “Mother Teresa” of the “Clan” Vickers. Callie lost some of his hearing during WWI when a shell exploded over his head. This was not the handicap you might think, being married to Aunt Sue and all.

In his mid-90’s, Callie also lost most of his sight. Near total visual and aural deprivation. Yikes! That was it…Callie lost his mind! He lived with my mom and dad and they took a weekend trip so I was staying with Callie when this happened. Callie was a “Lumber Grader” by profession . When his mind went he started “grading” every stick of furniture in the house. I called his doctor and he opened up his office for his old friend, Callie. He said nothing could be done and arrangements would have to be made for Callie’s long-term care. Callie and I spent the rest of the day (with picnic) at the Danville Lumber Yard grading lumber. They didn’t seem to mind us being there. Nice folks. A little pricey, but nice.

I don’t pretend to understand the mind of God. I don’t know why bad things happen. I don’t want to sound “Zen”, but, maybe you can’t create a coin with only one side. God has no ‘splain’in’ to do. His fingerprints are on Uncle Callie!

Tom and LaVerna Vickers