I “Channel” Cavemen (Also- Hillbillys, Porn Stars and Russian Dancers)

tom-5.jpg HELLO GENTLE READER–Oops! Gotta’ go pee! My Lasix is kickin’ in!….Whew! Sorry ’bout that. Lasix has no grace period. Now, where did I put my crystal? Oh, there it is. In my guitar case. Eeny-Meeny-Chili-Beany, the spirits are about to speak! Og? Is that You?… No Tatianya, I was not speaking to you right this minute. I’m sorry “Ta-Ta”. Ok, we’ll talk later… Og? Hey, Og. How’r they hangin’? A Wooly Rhino? Really? That’s funny! Is Ig OK? Good. You really shouldn’t tease Rhinos. They’re very short tempered. Oh, I saw it on “Nat Geo”. Og, we went over this TV thing last week and I’m not getting into it again. OK… Is that you, Jed? A fiddle string? I didn’t know you could do that with a fiddle string! No, that’s too kinky for me!…A fiddle? Og, it’s a musical instrument like a drum log with strings. Strings? Uh, Uh. It’s sorta’ like sinew, Og. No, Og! If you make a fiddle it would screw up that Time/Space Continuim thing. We’ve been over this before!…Boris Yeltson? On the Steppes? Well, just be careful, honey…No Jed, I didn’t tell them the one about the mule and the cornbread. Maybe later, OK?…Mr. Holmes? No, I can’t say that! I also use the Family tag. No, I haven’t opened up the LAPTOP DANCING porn website yet. I’ll let you know. OK!  %$#*.@#*  Darn crystal! A plane just flew over and I lost reception. It’s hard to get a clear signal in these WV mountains! Stay tuned…..Tom Vickers