WTO and $5.00 Coffee (Yoda, Wherefore Art Thou?)

fascismposter.jpg DATELINE CHARLESTON, WV:

In a suprising move today, the WTO has enlisted the services of a division of the elite “Storm Troopers”. This in anticipation of the disruption of their their annual meeting. This year’s meeting is being held Applachia, long a hotbed of “rebel” activity.

All Starbuck Coffee shops are closing for this event. A spokesman for Starbuck’s said, “This will be a fully decaffeinated event”. When asked for comment, Yoda, a longtime opponent of the Imperial WTO, “Stop us, they won’t. Force will not be denied, coffee we must have.”

In a related story, R2D2 admitted he was the father of Brittney Spears’ latest child. C#PO expressed shock and disgust at this news.   tom vickers