Future of “Ninja Warrior” in Doubt! (The Show Must Go On)

battleplansgodzilla2.jpg Dateline Mount Midoriama—A disturbing story from the “Land of the Rising Sun” has surfaced. During a recent episode of “Ninja Warrior”, panic occured! A suprise entry in the contest was non other than the “famed” movie star, Godzilla. A spokesman for the popular TV show stated that he entered the contest under an alias (William Shakespeare). Had we known this we would not have allowed his application to be approved! Not only did he eat the “Salmon Ladder” but he set fire to the “Log Roll” and the “Rope Climb”. A five-alarm fire was the result! We will not be deterred, said the producer! Repairs are underway and we should be up and running soon. We owe it to our loyal fans. Procedures to prevent future occurances of this nature are being discussed now. Sayanora.  tom vickers