Ninja Warrior Scandal (Game Show Sullied?)

20080206_ac956d0ebd225898a6f540pnyxidksri.jpg DATELINE MT. MIDORIAMI–More trouble for this popular show has recently surfaced. A Spokesman for this Japanese institution said that the recent investigation into how Godzilla was accepted as a contestant uncovered another problem. It seems as though the advertisers were bringing in busloads of hookers to compete. The producers denied any complicancy in this practice. Also, they said that Viagra would be immediately dropped as a sponser. Many viewers have had suspicions for quite a while due to some of the costumes worn by the contestants. It is rumored that the former Governor of NY, Eliot Spitzer,  has been a fan for some time. The Vatican, an admitted follower of this show, could not be reached for comment.   tom vickers 

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  1. Late today, Ninja Warrior hired George Mitchell to investigate it’s recent scandels. Said George, “If steroids were beig used, we’ll uncover it. The truth will pevail.” It is unclear whetheror not subpeona powers will be granted.

  2. kanashimi kokoro boku to u,movies adlutere.I HET U

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