The Weather Channel (Sunny Disposition and Widespread Perkiness)

tom-5.jpg HELLO GENTLE READER—Ever watch The Weather Channel? Where do they get these “perky” women and “blow-dried” men? Jenn Carfagno; isn’t she something? I swear she gave birth to her baby  in the “Green Room” and then did the “Travel Outlook“! Amazing! You just know that Heather Tesh looks at Alexandra Steele and thinks, “Hussy!” I’m sure Alexandra looks back and thinks, “So what!” Is there a 90-mile per hour wind on the planet that hasn’t stretched Jim Cantori horizontal? He’s always hanging on a light pole or palm tree somehere saying, “Don’t go outside folks! It’s really nasty.” If Betty Davis (the “weather babe”, not the movie star) exploded, they’ed be cleaning up “perky chunks” for weeks! Even a calm, sunny day is cause for drama at the Weather Set! According to Marshall Seese,”Take your umbrella folks. Some “perks” may be severe: chance of “humility” 20 per cent!” tom vickers