Satan’s Greatest Trick? (Nuttin’ New Under the Sun)

tom-5.jpg HELLO GENTLE REARER—I’ve heard it said that Satan’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist. I’m not an authority on anything (well, maybe Beatle’s songs), but it seems to me the “Garden” trick with the apple was a pretty good one too! It kinda’ got the ball rolling, didn’t it? The Holocaust, slavery, discrimination, Pearl Harbor, Vietnamn, Brussel Sprouts, the two party’s primaries, beets, garbage TV, Don Imus, Jerry Springer, Iraq, Al Qaida, cholesterol, Vioxx and Starbuck’s prices are not bad ones either! Who’s to blame? I don’t know but, I do, for sure, believe in evil. Please, please be nice to one another! It takes no more energy than being mean. Be nice, now, ya’ll!    tom vickers