March Madness (Please Don’t Expand!)

tom-5.jpg HELLO GENTLE READERS—I like “round-ball” well enough but, 65 teams? I admit I’ve enjoyed watching WV, “Carolina” and Davidson but, a play-in game? C’mon’ now! I really do admire Davidson, though. A school with only 1,500 students making it to the “Elite Eight”! Their star player, Stephan Currey, is the son of Dell Currey, the former NBA star. I watch him with special interest. He’s a real wizard on the court and a very polite, well-spoken young man. I knew his father when I lived in Charlotte. We were’nt “buds” or anything but, we knew each other from work my company did for him. He’s a real nice guy but, I’ve digressed. Who decided that we needed 65 teams with a “play-in” game? At first it was 16 teams, then 24, then 32 and now 65! How many Division I or Mid-Majors are there? About 200, I think. More than 25 per cent qualify to “go dancing”! I wonder how many more Pontiac G-8’s were sold this month? Could this be the reason for 65 tems? See ya’ next week CSI.  tom vickers