I “Channel” Old Scratch (Also, Anton LeVey and Alister Crowley)

tom-5.jpg HELLO GENTLE READERS—I’ve never tried this before and I’m deliciously scared by the prospect! I’m going to try to “Channel” pure Evil! I mean evil with a capital “E”! For those brave enough to stay with me, here goes…EENY-MEENY-CHILI-BEANY, the evil spirits are about to speak….”Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!” S-S-S-Satan? Is t-t-t-that y-y-y-you? “This is Anton! You’ve disturbed an important ritual at the Church of Satan!” Sorry, Anton. What ritual is that? “We’re trying to raise the spirit of Alister Crowley; the most evil man ever born!” I thought that was Hitler or maybe the producers of of the “Weather Channel” CD. “BOOOM!” S-S-S-Scratch? Is that you? “Yes! This is the EVIL ONE!” What’cha’ been up to? “I’m making a ‘Capital One’ credit card with a picture of ‘War Kittens’!” Sorry, already been done. “Damn it to hell!” Scratch! Such language! This is a family Weblog! “Sorry, just a habit.”…”I’ve ordered a bucket of thighs.” Alister! Where are you ordering from? KFC? “No, a bucket of real thighs. I prefer children’s ‘drumsticks’ but, my coupon expired!” Guys, it’s been real interesting but, I’m outta’ here on that one!   tom vickers