Only The Rocks Live Forever…..











The Arapho Indians have a saying, “Only the rocks live forever.” I guess that’s as good a statement on our mortality as any. I don’t mean to be morbid but, we’re all born “terminal”.

I went to the doctor last week for my regular Coumidan blood check and he informed me that I probably won’t live out the year. I have both Heart and Kidney Failure (thank you, Vioxx).

How do I feel? Don’t know. Some combination of angry, sad, scared, alone, accepting and intrigue. You see, I died a few years ago! I “flat-lined” during a heart attack. It was so cool! I felt so warm and loved. Completely pain-free. It is beyond my ability to describe. I was “pissed” when they shocked me back to life. 

I’ll live as best and long as I can. I’ll continue to write but, I know, “Only the rocks live forever”!   tom vickers