Yoda Back to Rehab! (Odd Behavior Noted)

movie_bg1.jpg DATELINE ALPHA CENTAURI–As doctors formed a protective circle around him, “Force Master” Yoda was transported from the hospital back to Rehab today. It is being reported that Yoda will be subject to a very intensive Rehab regimen to help him overcome his addiction to “Huffing” Light Saber Emissions. One source close to the situation said, “When Master Yoda was brought in yesterday he was ‘tighter than a fly in amber’. The Ozone “Huffing” is just the tip of the iceberg. Master Yoda has issues that go back for centuries!” When asked to elaborate, the source clamed up. As Yoda was being hustled to the Toyota Hover-Van he was heard to tell a gaggle of reporters, “Go ‘Force’ yourselves!” and then made an obscene gesture. Folks stay with us. This story has “legs”.     tom vickers