Weather Channel Expose (Hot Weather–Fan Dancing)

tom-5.jpg DATELINE WEATHER CENTRAL–An anonymous tip late yesterday accused Heather Tesh, the “girl-next-door” Weather Channel presenter, of having been an exotic dancer in her past. This was supposed to have occured a number of years ago during her college days. “I’ve put many a dollar bill in her G-String.” said this source. The source, “Dark Skies”, also had the following to say, “It was just off campus in a seedy area of town. I had a ‘Trig’ class with Tesh, so there’s no mistake in identity. In school, she was known as ‘Howling Heather’. Her name was written on Bathroom walls all over town!” When asked about these allegations, Tesh ran off to the “Green Room” and locked the door. Kim Perez, a longtime co-worker, said, “Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!” Alexandra Steele, currently confronting the “naked demons” of her own past, said the following, “This is incredible! Heather? A Fan Dancer? How wonderfully sordid. Oh, this is too, too funny! Like they say, what comes ’round goesround!” Jim Cantori, presently covering an EF-2 Tornado outbreak in ‘Tornado Alley’, had this to say, “Heather? Wow! You go girl!” Marshall Seese, the dean of The Weather Channel, predicted, “A High Pressure System is in the immediate area. Prepare for very hot days and even hotter nights!” This reporter is going home and taking a shower. Sleeze clings!  tom vickers

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