Cronkite and Harvey in Cahoots? (And Now, The Rest of the Story)

tom-5.jpg¬†DATELINE NEW YORK—The Walter Cronkite “pimping” story just keeps getting more bizarre. In talking to a number of the women allegedly¬†affected by Cronkite’s reported pimping, a new name has surfaced. That name is Paul Harvey, the former radio star of note. No firm facts have been established, but, one woman said, “It wasn’t just the ‘Cronk’. He had a partner in this deal. I can tell you that I have personally handed money to Paul Harvey!” This is not the only source to have mentioned his name. One lady, who requested anonymity, stated, “Paul not only collected money but, would often take it out in trade!” Please note that this information has not been confirmed. At first, this reporter thought it might be an April Fools’ joke but, that does not seem to be the case. Please hang around for “The Rest of the Story”.