Weather Channel Scandal Storms On! (Tesh Denies Fan Dancing)

tom-5.jpg DATELINE WEATHER CENTRAL–Today, speaking through her attorney, Robert Shapiro, Heather Tesh, the Weather Channel personality, denied ever being involved in exotic dancing. According to Shapiro, “There was a girl in the class ahead of Heather who’s resemblance to her was uncanny. This ‘Dark Skies’ source has it all wrong! Everybody knows that Heather Tesh is a wholesome, All-American girl. These accusations of Fan Dancing are utter nonsense. We will soon make a decision as to whether or not to file suit!” Dark Skies was out of town but, did send a Text Message saying, “Bull****!” Alexandra Steele, Tesh’s longtime co-worker said, “If this thing goes to Trial, I’ll be there every single day! I wouldn’t miss it for a farm in Georgia!” In a separate statement, Marshall Seese, the “Don” of the Weather Channel stated, “My God! This is the worst storm I’ve seen in years!” More as the information keeps on “flooding” in.   tom vickers 

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  1. This is without a doubt~the most asinine~ignorant accusations I’ve ever heard~heather tesch is the most wholesome no bull¤¤¤¤,lady~she has more class in her finger than most have in their complete body~look how she dresses~never trashy~always well spoken~carries her self with style~she is the perfect modern day women~most females could take lessons from her on how to BE~Heather a stripper~yea rite~leave her be~she has done no wrong~^~Peace»

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