Spock in Restraints! (Yoda in Deep!)

 DATELINE ORION’S BELT–Reports out of the “You Have Learned Well Young Padewan” Drug Rehab Center state that Mr. Spock had to be put in restraints late last night. He was said to be using the “Force” with reckless abandon. Spock learned this Jedi skill after performing the “Vulcan Mind Meld” on Master Yoda. Both are in the “Padewan” center for substance abuse; Spock for Dilithium Crystal snorting and Master Yoda for “huffing” Light Saber emissions.

Spock, after “Melding” Yoda, had been exhibiting some very strange behavior. The final straw was his being caught in the closet with Starista, the “Dancing Girl” from Jabba the Hut’s lair. Starista, the dancer involved, is in for “Robot Lubricant” abuse. 

Master Yoda, after receiving the “Meld”, has been re-engineering the entire HVAC and computer systems in the “Padawan” Center. Said a Padawn maintenance engineer, “Not only do we now get Holographic Box Office but, the air tempature enfolds around each individual according to their preference! I hope they don’t revert Master Yoda back to original form just yet. I’m having a devil of a time with the Laser Refuse Disposals and, Yoda said he’d look into the matter. Spock, however, is another ‘kettle of starfish’ ! The pointed-ear ‘so and so’ stole my lunch three days running!”

Folks, this story may be my life’s work. It just keeps on cruising at “Warp Speed”.