Weather Channel “Reigned” In (Fury “Flurry” in the Forecast)

 DATELINE WEATHER CENTRAL–Amid the controversy surrounding the alleged sorid pasts of Heather Tesh and Alexandra Steele, the Weather Channel is refusing comment. Ms. Tesh has retained an attorney, Robert Shapiro, to defend her against the allegations of past “Fan Dancing”. In a surprising show of unanimity, Alexandra Steele, who may have appeared in a “Girls Gone Wild” video, has joined Heather in her efforts to stave off further investigation. Said Ms. Steele, “I don’t want to have to retain an attorney but, enough is enough! Let sleeping dogs lie. I don’t care about your past, why should you care about mine? Just leave it be! Ok, let it go already!”  Ms. Tesh has refused comment in this matter but, was overheard telling reporters, “Stick a weathervane where the sun don’t shine!” More as it “pours” in.    tom vickers


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  1. Wher in the hell is KIM PEREZ? I miss her.

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