Yoda “Mind Melds” Rodents (It’s Getting Squirrely)



Reports out of the YOU HAVE LEARNED WELL YOUNG PADEWAN drug rehab center say that “Force Master” Yoda, in rehab for Light Saber Emission “huffing”, has applied the “Vulcan Mind Meld” to a nest of squirrels. Yoda learned the “Mind Meld” from Mr. Spock who is in for Dilithium Crystal “snorting”.

You can’t walk on the grounds,” said a Padawan employee. “Apparantly squirrels can’t tell the difference between the ‘good’ guys and the ‘bad’ guys. None of us are safe!” Another  employee said, “The grounds are littered with the corpses of Orion Cats, Belt Hawks and Millenium Falcons. It’s out of hand! They re even taking Light Saber swipes at the visitors, who, in the past, would feed them!”

Yoda has been put on probation and had to spend an hour in “Time Out”. It is not known what will happen to he squirrels.    tom vickers