Amish Airways Update (It’s Really Taking Off)


A new photo has crossed the wires regarding the fledgling Amish Airways. It seemingly shows one of their “ships” taking off. Lottie Buttons, a local store clerk, was on break when she took this photo. Said Ms. buttons, “I was outside on my 10:00 AM Marlboro break when I heard this God-awful ‘clip-clopping noise’! I turned around and there was this, uh, uh, ‘thing’ going hell-bent for leather. I pulled out my cell phone and accidently snapped the photo. I was trying to dial 911 and accidently hit that little camera button ‘thingy’! That ‘thing’ was going the wrong way down a one-way street and ran a four-way!”

Another witness reported that a long line of people were boarding “something” at Klein’s Stables.

This story is really “taking off”.   tom vickers