Sex Organs…For Gifts?


The romantic Rose, the pretty Poppy, the dazzling Daisy and, yes, even the humble Baby’s Breath are all part of the maturation process of men and women. Men have to learn when to bestow them and women how to receive them to maximum effect.

What if we chose a species other than flowers to display the depth of our affection? How about a Porcupine penis or a Wombat womb? Maybe, Tiger testes or Baboon breasts? I admit that the display of these items would provide a challenge. I, however, have faith that Bed & Bath or Michael’s Craftstore will solve this problem with taste and in all Decorator Colors.

Flowers are the sex organs of another species! Their purpose is propagation. Not only do we embarrass flowers with this display, we render them celibate!

Lo, the poor flower.   

Tom and LaVerna Vickers