Kentucky Fried Rabbit


KFC is putting their vaunted eleven herbs and spices on the line. They are, in a few strategic markets, adding a new item to their menu: Kentucky Fried Rabbit. It will be served with KFC’c trademark Mashed Potatos & Gravy and Cole Slaw. An official stated, “Extra crispy will be added later on if this “rodent” experiment pans out!”

KFR is the brainchild of a KFC Restaurant manager who was having trouble with rabbits eating his garden (and possibly drinking his 7-UP). He snared a couple of the pesky rodents and wondered how the secret KFC process would work on rabbit meat. “My kids love it”, he exclaimed! “Of course, my kids also eat paste!”, he continued.

On the condition of anonymity, a KFC official further explained the marketing plans. “We hope to do for rabbit fur what McDonald’s did for leather. Make it cheap and available for a variety of uses. Leather seats for your car and a fur coat for your closet. Yes, we see a lot of possibility here!”

Could be an interesting Easter next year.   tom vickers