Dr. Suess is so Def!…And, that’s a “Rap”!



East Coast? West Coast? The Dirty South? M. C. Hammer? Snoop Dog? P-Diddy? Salt n’ Peppa? Who’s the baddest-ass Rapper of all time? My vote goes to Dr. Suess. He was an artist way before his time! You can’t read one of his books aloud to a child without falling into a sing-song, Rap-like cadence! Yeah, Suess was so Def! All right, close your eyes, clear your mind, polish your bling-bling and sing along with Horton Hears a Who

  • It is not fair,
  • It is not right,
  • The Who’s in Whoville,
  • Making noise all night!

This is vintage “Suess-Rap”. What astute social commentaries Suess leaves us. Obviously the Who’s represent those elements of society that have no consideration for the rights of others. Few people know that Green Eggs and Ham is a criticism of the pagan practice of coloring Easter Eggs. Since this is a family blog, we won’t even delve into the sexual connotations of The Cat in the Hat.

Yes, Suess was an artist who’s body of work should land him in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

PEACE!    tom vickers