It’s Your Fortune…Cookie!









Ever had a Psychic Reading? I have! When I was 12 my mom, on a lark, loaded some of us in a car and took us to see Mrs. Copeland, the local Oracle of Delphi. For $2.50 each (a tank of gas in 1965), we were promised a roadmap to our lives. That seemed a little pricey to me. $2.50 would buy a lot of baseball cards back then! A future EBAY fortune already down the drain.

Anyway, she took us into her kitchen one at a time for our readings. I expected a dark and dingy room with a crystal ball. Maybe a few Astrological symbols on the walls. It was just a circa 1965 kitchen. What! No crystal ball? No Tarot Cards? Not even a dowsing rod? What kind of Fortune Teller was this? All she did was take my hand and start talking. And, talk she did. After obtaining certain information (birth date, birth time and the like), she started the session. I steeled my nerves and awaited the arrival of the Ghost of Christmas Future! She made some interesting predictions:

  1. You’ll be a big, tall man. (I’m 5′-9″ tall and weigh about 130 pounds).
  2. You’ll have 3 children. (Only one that I know of).
  3. You’ll own a brick house on a hill. (It’s West Virginia for God’s sake-it’s all hills).
  4. Women will love you! (Now we’re cooking with gas).
  5. You’ll accomplish great things. (Will you marry me?).
  6. You’ll be remembered for a long time. (Will you have my 3 children?).

Yeah, she hit on a few things but, even a blind squirrel find the occasional acorn. I lost faith in seers when the Psychic Hotline went bankrupt. You’d think they would’ve seen it coming!

I think I’ll just stick to General Tso’s Chicken and Fortune Cookies.   tom vickers