Jeff Peckman, Denver and Grumann’s Chinese Theatre…

Jeff Peckman, the Denver X-Files protege, is wisely calling for the city fathers to initiate an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. He says he has an infared recording of an Alien peeking through a window. No, we’re not talking about guest workers or Green Cards here. We’re talking up close, personal and at your window. Infared doesn’t lie! Well, maybe as regards Weapons of Mass Destruction but, it’s usually very reliable. Many might say that Jeff makes about as much sense as a Yiddish Spelling Bee but, I think he’s on the right track here. Stephensville Texas is light years ahead of Denver in preparing for the arrival of Exo-biological life forms. They’re going to provide free parking for spacecraft, keg parties and double coupons at grocery stores. In addition, they’re providing a free wash and wax for spacecraft having their oil changed. Face it Denver, you have an Alien gap!

I have been told, by an anonymous source, that the Aliens have set up camp at Grumann’s Chinese Theatre. This source further informed me, “They’re hamless, really. Their main purpose in being here is to file a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. They claim that L. Ron. Hubbard ripped-off the tenants of their most ancient cult and then wrote a Best Seller. You can’t really blame, can you? This source went on to say that the Denver and Stephensville sightings were as a result of Aliens taking “Day Trips”. Yes, even Aliens need a little R & R.

So, Jeff, you just keep on chasing this Junebug. I’ve got your back!    tom vickers

P.S. Thanks to Mikel Classen ( for his wonderful blogs on the Jeff Peckman revelations.