I lived and worked in Charlotte, NC for a number of years and, for a city, it’s not bad. They do, however, have a number of ordinances one must get used to. For example, you can’t buy beer on Sundays until noon.This barely gives Charlotteans time to get home from Church, buy a 12-pack of Lite and get home to watch the Carolina Panthers play. Believe me, you can’t watch their recent teams play without vast quantities of either ethel alcohol or Schedule III Pharmaceuticals! You can, however, make U-Turns into traffic at will. I’ve got the scars to prove it!

Passing some ordinances though, did pose a problem for Charlotte’s genteel City Council. It’s a matter of language. The “Porn Wars” episode highlighted this. How do you define “Porn”? According to the City Fathers, “Porn is something which is indecent, when, under current community standards, it is patently offensive”. What? What did they say? Under this defination, Spongebob Squarepants could (and, probably, should) be banned! This defination was agreed to after they tried to list specific sexual acts, movies, books (so long Catcher in the Rye), pictures, sex toys and the like to be banned. More than once, City Counselor Don Reid, the moral flag bearer, said in session, “We just don’t use that kind of language!”  

By God, censorship in the name of good, wholesome living will keep the Larry Flint types at bay.      tom vickers.