It’s true! I saw it on TV. I’m not sure why. Perhaps the debt on the Egyptian Plagues has come due. That must have been a very expensive operation to pull off, being ten of them and all.

I really don’t mind T-Vangelistas asking for money. Many of them do good work and provide a spiritual venue for shut-ins and such. But, puh-lease, don’t tell me God said for me to send my money to you! I have a lot more respect for the homeless stumblebum who asks for a few dollars so he can buy a beer. At least he’s being honest. Have we forgotten when Oral Roberts locked himself in a “Prayer Tower” until viewers ponied up a certain amount of dough? Or the PTL scandal? Yet, the emotional appeal for your money is still being made. God needs your money! He told me so! I try to help individuals with my extra money and, sleep well at night.

But, if I’m wrong, I suggest God knock on Exxon’s door. Heaven knows they have the bucks and certainly could use a little God in their corporate life.

Hmmmm. I might be willing to contribute to a new plague campaign aimed at the oil industry.

Tom Vickers