I’m going to play a little music today with a friend. Not just any friend, though. A “real” friend. One of those rare people who accepts you as you are, even when who you are is not your very best. George, “The Earl of Elkview”, is a living treasure. He’s a lawyer (nobody’s perfect), entertainer, musician, recording artist, songwriter, singer, actor, historian, philosopher, humorist, storyteller and one of the most gentle people I know. Years ago, he even ran for the U.S. Senate Seat, in the Primary, against the formidible Robert C. Byrd when Byrd had yet to come to his senses on the issue of Civil Rights. I could sit and listen to George talk about anything for hours. His presentation is so powerful that he could recite a grocery list and hold your interest.

For five wonderful years, George co-hosted the world reknown Mountain Stage. A West Virginia live stage show which is broadcast nationwide on radio and PBS TV. The greats, near-greats and the never-will-be-greats have graced this venue with their performances. Many of them introduced by the “Earl”.

George is over two decades older than me but, when he straps on that Gianinni Guitar, clears his throat, steps up to the microphone and turns loose that rich, baritone voice he is timeless. He has the knack of letting each member of the audience know that they are the most important person in the room. A rare gift.

I’m going to play a little music today with a friend…

tom vickers

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