Aimeee, What’cha’ Gonna Do?…


I was at the Huntington Mall last night getting Halloween “stuff” and walked outside to have a smoke. I was enjoying Philip Morris’ finest offering when I heard an off-key version of the song “Amy”. There was a youngish man, vodka fueled, singing for all he was worth. He ambled over to me and asked me to join in. I am not usually inclined to sing at mall entrances, but he was insistant. I tried to blend some harmony with him, but he was a hard target to hit. In any event the singing wound down and this conversation ensued:

I’m just back from 3 years in Iraq“, he informed me.I thanked him for his service.

People don’t know what it’s like to have 127 million people hate you and try to kill you. Where every building or vehicle may have a IED. A country, only the size of Virginia, fueling so much hatred,” he exclaimed! “You just don’t know!”

I agreed.

Will you sing with me,” he inquired?

Aimee, what’cha gonna’ do- I think I could stay with you- For a while maybe longer, if I do“…

Tom Vickers