Did You Know?


Here are some interesting historical facts I didn’t know. Did you know…

  1. The game of Badminton originated India. There it was called Poona. It was transplanted to England during the Raj and introduced to society at the estate of the Duke of Beaufort. His estate was known as “Badminton”.
  2. The oldest known cross-word puzzle dates back to ancient Crete. Over 2,000 years ago they developed this popular pastime on a device known as the Phaestus Disc.
  3. The ancient Romans played Horseshoes. They used wooden pegs and the iron bands that they had started using on their horse’s hooves.
  4. Basketball was originally known as Indoor Rugby. The name changed because of the peach baskets that were being used as goals.
  5. Ancient Greeks spun tops nearly identical to those played with today. They were pear-shaped and spun using a rope cord.
  6. Muhammad Ali, the boxer, had a lead in the Broadway Musical “Buck White”.


  1. I hope you enjoyed this traipse through sports history.

    Tom and LaVerna Vickers