Deep-Fried Butterflies (A Reprise)….

Hello Gentle Readers,

I now live in a rural area of Appalachia after living many years in Charlotte, NC. The only insects you had to deal with there on a regular basis were really gigantic Roaches. These were 1950’s Sci-Fi-sized creatures. They only came in 3-to-a-household numbers. SOB’s would’ve starved in herd-sized numbers. I’m sorry..I’ve digressed. This isn’t about the roaches. Brrrr… Ok, I’ve recovered enough to soldier on!

There’s more kinds of insects in WV per capita than your average Rain Forest. Some big “Sum-A-Bitches” too! I swear, some of the moths and butterflies here have the wingspan of a Harpy Eagle! Insects should not be able to do a fly-over and shade your entire house.Did you ever eat a Butterfly on a stick? You gotta’ wrestle the rascals to the ground and de-wing ‘em! I swear, you put ‘em in a vat of hot grease for about 12 minutes and they’re not bad.Most of us that grew up in Appalachia in the 50’s and 60’s couldn’t be to picky about protein choices. Especially after the Rockefellers and Kennedys told us we were poor. Hell, we didn’t know! If you’re blind in the “Kingdom-of-the-Blind” no eye doctors are needed. Haven’t had one in years.

I’m goin’ to a butterfly sit-down dinner this weekend. Why don’t ya’ll come on over Saturday around 5:00 pm for a treat. Black Tie Optional..RSVP Please!

Tom Vickers