Brown Baggin’—Another Freakin’ Food Blog


The other day, I went to the grocery store to buy a few things to eat. Now, I’m a good American, I watch the news periodically, listen to the anti-obesity propaganda and such, so I generally check labels on the foods I buy to feed my family in a fairly healthy way.

So, I’m shopping and I pick out a few items. I look at the labels with all these ingredients in them the good ole’ FDA says I definitely should NOT eat. After seeing the umpteenth ooby-gooby-poly-glycogenic-gobbledygook, with enough sodium to salienate a small lake (like Erie, for example) I started to wonder…..

The FDA is a governmental agency, right? OK, they are telling us that all these food thingys are really bad for us and we should avoid them. Heck, they even started attacking McDonald’s for the fat content in their food and all that stuff. YET, here the same government just gave all those food companies a bunch of money (like about enough to buy a small country to send all their outsourced labor to) by way of the Great Stock Market Bailout to save their collective arses (yeah, yeah, I know-it wasn’t just food manufacturing and fast food companies, but I’m sure they got their VERY fair high-calorie share).

What’s the deal here? Does one part of the government not know what the other is doing??? Is it possible that the government may not be thinking about the consequences of their actions??? OR, is it possible that maybe the profits for these companies are more important to SOME branches of our esteemed government than our collective health is to other less esteemed agencies???

After I thought about it a bit, I decided to leave the packages where they were, go to the other part of the store (you know, where the farmer actually handles stuff you buy) and simply brown bag it.

LaVerna Huey