Guns, God and Gays…


In an election postmortem, one might conclude that West Virginia went for McCain for one of three reasons: Guns, God or Gays.

When at the polls Tuesday, I did my own exit polling by looking at bumper stickers. A sampling of typical stickers was as follows:

Jesus Saves, Guns Preserve!

You’ll take my gun out of my stiff, cold hand!
Marriage is between Dick and Jane, not Jane and Jane!
This truck protected by Smith and Wesson!
If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns!
Protect the 2nd Amendment!

When I moved back this year I was grateful that my fellow West Virginians are so politically engaged. I was, however, surprised that the state had been captured by the Christian Right. We have always been a rather moderate state, leaning Democratic in our voting due to a strong union influence. I suggest that President-elect Obama spend a little more time in the state to prove that he’s not taking away guns, that he’s not Godless and he’s not interested in our bedrooms.

Tom Vickers