225,000 Hits; 10,000 Spam Attempts!…

img2Hello Gentle Readers,

It has been almost 10 months to the day when I first started posting blogs here at WordPress. My “hit” total surpassed 225,000 today. I don’t know if this is considered heavy, average or light traffic when compared to other bloggers, but I suspect it is average or better. It’s not really important because I really don’t have anything to say that others haven’t said (probably better, in fact). However, I am surprised at the number of spam attempts. For every 22.5 readers, there has been one spam attempt.

Who are these “spammers”? Do they make a good living spamming? Can you imagine a conversation at a party:

“I’m Tom. How are you?…” Hi, Tom I’m Bill.”… “Hey Bill, what do you do to feed the bulldog?”… “I’m a spammer!”… “Oh, really? Does it pay good? Do you enjoy your work?”… “Oh, God! I hate it! Day in, day out, nothing but spam, spam, spam!! I’m thinking of changing professions.”…”Really, what direction are you thinking of heading in?”…”Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Telemarketing.”

Some people will drive anything to work…

Tom Vickers