W’s Legacy? The Patriot Act!…

Hello Gentle Readers,

I know the pain of 9/11 will never totally leave Americans. I also watched in horror that fateful day and prayed for the famlies effected. But you have to admit that, in addition to the reconstruction jobs, THE AMERICAN PATRIOT ACT is a boon for job creating stats!

Am I the only one who really hates this Act? But, think of all the national security jobs it has created! Somebody has to check little ol’ ladies’ shoes at the airports. My mom is 85 years old with one artificial knee and had to take her shoes off at the airport! Now I admit mom was quite a terror in her younger days, but, now it takes her 45 minutes just to get her shoes on for goodness sake! Hmmm, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all. I still have shoemarks on my butt from mom’s shoes and I’m 55 years old!

I was “cookied” by the CIA after writing the blog Amish Al Qaida Bread! This was a blog about Friendship Bread and my ignorance in caring for the fermenting dough. Odd to be “cookied” after a blog about dough. Darn! You just can’t get anything by those CIA guys.

Ya’ know, I’m kinda’ proud that folks in my family are considered security risks! My family has always been in favor of full employment. Someone has to monitor what We’re checking out of the library. Shoot, the local library didn’t even have a copy of On the Road by Jack Kerouak. Where’s Mother Jones when ya’ need her?

Oh, well. I’m just glad to do my part in job creating.

Tom Vickers