Darth Vader, Clone War Vet, In Financial Ruin…


I have it on good authority that the arch-fiend, Darth Vader, has had to make many a new career choice since George Lucas has said that the Star Wars saga is a complete package with the six episodes. As depicted above, Darth has fallen upon hard times.

He has tried several ways to make a living: Wal Mart Greeter, McDonald’s Manager, auto mechanic, rodeo clown and Floral Shop worker. “Nothing seems to work out for returning Vets,” said a crestfallen Vader. “There just don’t seem to be any job opportunities for returning Arch-enemies! I thought about running for President, but all the Fiend canidates had already declared,” he decried.

If you haven’t got a penny, perhaps a half-penny will do. If you haven’t got that then God bless you.

Tom Vickers