Goldilocks and Ursine Infidelity…



Once upon a time there were four little bears and one little girl; Mama bear, Papa Bear, Teddy Bear, Goldilocks and Papa Bear’s no-account friend, Fuzzy Bear.

One morning Goldilocks told Papa Bear, “Somebody’s been sleeping in your bed!” Papa Bear confronted Mama Bear and Mama Bear decried, “No way! I’ve been faithful to you from the begining!” So Papa Bear called his friend Teddy Bear and asked him to keep a eye on Mama Bear.

Teddy Bear, the true-blue friend, started tailing Mama Bear on her foraging trips. One fateful day he saw Fuzzy Bear with Mama Bear in a forest clearing and snapped this candid photo.

Needless to say, the marriage was over, however Papa bear did go on to have a long-term relationship with Goldilocks. A devastated Mama Bear developed a $300.00 a day crack habit and is currently in Treatment. Teddy Bear is now enjoying a successful career as a Porn Photographer and Fuzzy Bear’s head now adorns the wall of that Great White Hunter, Dick Cheney. Cheney mistook Fuzzy for a Democrat, cried havoc and ‘let slip the dogs of war‘.

Can’t wait for the movie…

Tom Vickers