Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


Ah, the beauty of Nicholas County, WV. Just moved here the week of Christmas to a 3,400 sf house with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 kitchens. Out every window is a postcard scene of beauty. There are only two mountains above us at this elevation of about 2,000 ft.

When we first moved in it snowed. How pretty! With Mother Nature weaving gossamer wings of snow on the evergreens. The mountain tops softened with the velvet texture of nature’s whipped cream. Ah, the creamy eye candy. So, So pretty. Sure am glad the Denali has 4-wheel drive, though.

Damn! Does it snow every day here? Shoot, have to wade through the snow to feed the horses. No wonder the tractor that came with the house has a snow blade. Hmmm, did we put out the reflecting poles to mark the driveway? Might as well leave them in place til the Spring thaw. I think it occurs in July.

Whew, finally stopped snowing! Now its 6 degrees above zero.

A very cold Tom Vickers