Is Cell Phone 1 Haunted?…

blackberryHello Gentle Readers,

Watching CNN this morning, there was a long story about President (yeaaaahhhhh!!!) Barack Obama’s cell phone.

Gee Whiz, America! This man, our new president (yeaaaahhhh!!!) is an American male. And, I reckon, a fairly smart fellow. After all, he did get himself elected as President of the United States.

I don’t figure he’ll text the secret codes to the nuclear missiles over his new cell phone. He probably won’t email state secrets over his PDA or trade cartoons with Osama Bin Laden. This man aint no dummy.

With all the press coverage of his two daughters, I’d hate to see one of his girls fail algebra because they couldn’t call Daddy for help with their homework.

As an American Blackberry user myself, I can hear it now….Michelle Obama making that ever necessary cell phone call, “Honey, please don’t forget the milk.”

Oh, yeah, did the Bulls win yesterday?

LaVerna Huey