Greenhouse Flatulence…

horse-forest1Hello Gentle Readers,

My friend, Jim, and I came up with a grand solution to the issues of greenhouse gases and the high cost of gasoline (the idea came a few months ago before the oil companies decided to lower prices for the sake of the election, I presume).

Both of us being horse trainers, we figured we’d start taking our four-legged buddies with us to the grocery store, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen–you know, the places we often need to go when we don’t need the truck.

Brush out the horses, saddle ’em up, tie on the saddle bags and off we’d go to run our errands. The only tricky part was figuring out how to keep the equines out of the produce while buying our salad makings. Pretty good plan, eh?

Then this devastating piece of news came to us–Argentina is suffering horrific pollution problems due to animal flatulence. And, by gum, Alfie, Misty and crew surely do fart a lot.

Ah, the dillema…

No matter how we Americans get around, we are creating green house gases.

So, here’s my question for the day….

So much fuss is being made over the pollution created by our automobiles, and horses, too, I reckon. Why is no one making huge fusses over the cutting down of thousands of acres of tropical rain forests every day? The trees are the lungs and filters of our planet.

Heck, even if I rode Alfie to the market and she pooped all over the road, what I probably wouldn’t clean up would be washed away within a few days or eaten by our local bears (yeah, really, bears LOVE horse shit). Yet how long does it take for our rain forests to grow back? Who’s the bigger polluter? We who drive our cars (or our horses) or the big businesses cutting down million year old jungles?

Just a thought.

LaVerna Huey