Love Monger Ministries…

tammy-faye-baker-145862HELLO GENTLE READERS,

Tom and I were watching a movie on one of the premium channels (DirecTV gives ya three months for free when you move and transfer service) about a preacher man in a small town.  One of the actor’s lines went something like this,       ” Big crowd, big money…”.  I got to thinking about how expensive this move has been and figured maybe I ought to be a preacher—big money and all.

I mentioned this to Tom and realized the problem is mine would have to be a ministry of something other than fear and hatred.  It’s just too hard to tell such big lies in front of a huge group of people, at least without a LOT more practice.

So, I thought, why not start preaching about something I DO believe in.  Now, I’m not much of a Biblical person, but I have heard it said a time or two that Jesus preached a good bit about love.  Heck, he even went to leper colonies and did a little volunteer work there.

Well, we don’t have many lepers in Nicholas County, WV.  But we do have a few equivalents–gays, black people, women, a handful of Chinese and Mexicans (I even seen ’em with my own eyes at the restaurants in town), brunettes, blondes, working people, folks with “disabilities” and a few other various and assundry “people of variance” that so many have problems with.

I reckon if Jesus were to come to Summersville, he’d probably hang out with most everyone including those that other people chastise and hate.

So, if I’m going to start a ministry, I reckon I’ll try something a little bit different.  Instead of promoting fear and hatred, I’ll preach about love.  Jesus did it!  Why not me?   Heck, maybe I’ll even make a few dollars while I’m at it.

LOVE MONGER MINISTRIES is officially started!!!

Move over, Tammy Faye!  There’s a new kid in town!!!

LaVerna Huey