Dancin’ Shoes…


Now I’m not a fancy dresser. Oh, occasionally I’ll don my Calvin Klein’s and shine my shoes, but generally you’ll find me in a tee-shirt, blue jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. I really am very picky about my clothes, though. Shoot, I even like my underwear to match my shirt, although LaVerna has been the only one privy to this little fashion obsession until now.

So, what is a fashion dullard like me doing writing about clothing? Well, I bought a new pair of sneakers at Hibbert’s Sports Friday. Today we made the trip from our home in beautiful Nicholas County, WV to our other farm near Huntington, WV. I thought I’d wear my new sneakers, so I pulled the left shoe out of the box and put it on. Then…I pulled the other left shoe out of the box. Yes, I bought two new left shoes. Now I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at the age of 55 I usually know my right from my left.

I should, and probably will take the shoes back. Or…maybe I’ll save them for dancing. I wonder how those smart folks at Hibbert’s knew I had two left feet?

Tom Vickers