’57 Chevy-How Much?…

57_chevy_belair_2_door_hardtopHELLO GENTLE READERS,

A few years back we traded in our GMC Envoy Denali for a new GMC Yukon Denali. Both are awesome vehicles, but we needed the extra towing for the horses. The Yukon has a 6.2 litre, 380 HP motor. However, this entry is not really about our vehicles, but economics. The list price on our Yukon was a little over $58,000.00. This is in the upper range of vehicle prices, but the new Envoy’s value was about $40,000.00. The average wage in America for 2012 is predicted to be a little over $44,000.00. So, a servicable, nice, new vehicle can be purchased for about a year’s income.

In 1957 a new Chevy Belair Coupe, 260 C.I. small-block V-8, a nice vehicle for the day, sold for $1,800.00 to $2,200.00. The average wage in 1957 was about $2,100.00. A servicable, nice, new vehicle could be purchased for about a year’s income. If one bother’s to check, and I did, you will find that American’s have, for a variety of items, paid about the same wage to cost ratios. Bread, shoes and yes, even horses (the original small block engine) have remained very constant in cost to wage ratios since, are you sitting down, before we were Americans. Yes, when John Smith was asking Pocahontas, “Hey Baby, what’s your sign,” these same ratios have been with us. Does it go back even further? Yep, these ratios have been in place since the Crusades.

So, when you hear someone complain about STICKER SHOCK, laugh aloud, safe in the knowledge that you have the historical perspective of their ignorance.

Please for your own safety, though, do not impart this information to any car salesman.

This has been a public service announcement from your friends in Jackson county, where the women are strong, the men are beautiful and the livestock are nervous.

Tom and LaVerna Vickers