Love Mongering With Two Left Feet…

toms-toeHello Gentle Readers,

One of the important facets of Love Mongering, I reckon, is showing our love especially when the circumstances make it a little more difficult.

The other day, my beloved Tom broke his toe. Nothing spectacular really-he kicked the little leg on my travel case that (oops!) happened to be sitting on the floor on his path to the potty. You see, Tom being the loving soul that he is, didn’t turn on the light because I was still asleep, so he didn’t see the bag and kicked it, hence breaking the pinky toe on his left foot.

Now yesterday was one of those gorgeous days that beckoned me to go fishing. Tom’s toe was hurting like crazy, but being the Love Mongerer that he is, went fishing with me anyway.

I guess it just goes to show that even a man with two left feet (minus a pinky toe) can still monger love in the not so greatest of circumstances. Perhaps that will serve as an example to me when Tom wants to fish and I’ve yet another bonk from training a horse.

By the way, if anyone reading this happens to be MY Tom, I love you, Babe!!!

LaVerna Huey & Tom Vickers