A Thought To Wrestle With…


LaVerna and I admit to being a little bit taken with modern technology. Oh, we can hunt, fish, garden, and gather edibles from nature, but we also like our Starbucks’ and laptops. Our HD channels were “pixalating” and freezing up. Rats!! So, we called Direct TV and they made an appointment to look into our visual pain. Ok, so the technician showed up and, at first, seemed a little standoffish. We tried to engage in light conversation to no avail. He seemed not at all friendly. When he went outside to check the satellite equipment, we discussed how odd that a person who must deal with the public on a daily basis was so poorly adapted to small talk and friendly conversation. Oh well, as long as we could watch North Carolina trounce Michigan State in HD we could be fairly tolerant.

The young man came back into the house and tried the TV. Ahhh, there it was…Sports Center in High Defination. Our world was once again right. At the top of the screen was an add for Wrestle Mania. Wow, this young man’s face brightened, and he began to tell us every possible fact about Professional (and I shudder to use the term professional) Wrestling. He went from being almost taciturn to being a very pleasant young man. LaVerna and I surreptiously glanced at each other and tried not to let even the ghost of a smile adorn our faces. We have not nor ever wish to spend quality time with a wrestling fan.

SHAME ON US!!! Who are we to judge anybody, let alone judge them on the basis of their entertainment choices. He might be just as critical of our enjoyment of trout fishing. When will we ever learn that there is a place on this planet for each and every one of us, and my place is no more important than yours.

Just another Love Mongering thought brought to you by,

Tom Vickers and LaVerna Huey